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I am studying for Ccna and am half way through the 21 chapter book. I am able to configure two hosts to a router and ping but can't seem to set up a similar simple network using a switch instead of a router. Can someone please help me? Also I can't find much on YouTube in terms of packet tracer. Any suggestions?


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    Set the hosts in a vlan or leave them at vlan 1. Assign the switch IP to vlan # or vlan 1 if you left them at default. Put the IP in the same subnet where your host is. Assign Default Gateway on the host to the switch IP, and try to ping then...
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    Thank you! I think I am configuring the hosts correctly. Can you give me a bit more detail on how to assign the switch IP (I would call it interface IP, would that be wrong?) to vlan 1)? Thanks in advance. I may be able to get this if I try a bit harder.
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    You could create a routed port and assign it to an interface if you have a multi layer switch.
    You would type -if)#no switchport and then assign an IP address with -if)#ip address [ip][subnet].

    The other option which might be a better one is that you assign a host certain vlan (example 10) on the switch.
    -if)#switchport mode access -if)#switchport access vlan 10.
    Then you assign an IP to the logical interface of the switch vlan.
    (config)#int vlan 10 -if)#ip address [ip][subnet]

    I hope this makes sense, I can elaborate on it if it does need...
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