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Im trying to connect with IT folks and I cant afford conferences and forums/email trains are no fun for anyone but the trolls. I've created a Slack team for all things IT, to connect IT professionals. I think I made a channel for each of the big topics, but I'll expand it with channels for whatever topic you want to deep dive in. I know some of y'all are sick of slack from using it at work, or you think it's cancer, so I'm all ears if you have a better idea. I just think there should be something bridging the gap between forume/stackechange/email.

Here's the application. I'm by myself, but I should process them in under 24 hours. It's literally less than a day old, so stick around long enough for it to grab some folks before counting it out. It's not a scam, I don't want your money and you can use a burner email for all I care, as long as i can email you the team link. If you work in this industry, you probably can do half a helf decent job of identifying spam anyways. Oh yeah, and I'll never broadcast emails; i hate junk in my inbox.

Even TechExams started somewhere.

Edit: Your app looked interesting, but I cant sign you up with a fake email address. I said Burner email, not fake email.
Edit 2: I un-effed the double password fields. Condolences.
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