Is ISACA test bank for CISA accurate?

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I recently finished my CISSP and one thing I noticed was that ALL of the test banks are nothing like the real test. The wording and subject matter was quite different. Does the ISACA test bank for CISA accurately reflect the wording and material that's on the real test?


  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    What questions did you use for the CISSP? Of course wording will be different, but saying the subject matter was different means you got some subpar practice questions.
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    OK maybe I worded that wrong. The test itself was far more about management scenarios and the wording was written simply to make it 10x more difficult than using every day phrases. Like instead of "browser" it's "client based system". All of the test banks for CISSP have far more technical questions than the test. I used cccure, sybex, McGraw hill, and Eric Conrad's. Is the ISACA test bank similar?
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    The Isaca practice questions are similar in wording, tone and style. obviously not the same questions but very close in nature.
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    ISACA Q&A are very valuable because they're written/worded/architected in a same way as the actual test. I always recommend people utilize the ISACA material before any other for that particular reason.
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    I think if you have enough experience in auditing you could pass the test by just studying the practice questions and spending time going over the explanations of what you got right and wrong. The explanations for right and wrong give you a good idea of how and why the questions are worded the way they are.

    I do suggest buying the official study guide also though.
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