Passed N10-006

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I passed but barely. Scored a 730 and ran out of time with 2 sims partially unfinished. I prioritized the non-sim questions so I did those first and then came back to the sims at the end. I must say the experience was kind of humbling and I was a bit let down. I really felt like I knew my stuff going in and seeing questions missed on the results printout in areas that I know I am strong in was a bummer. Don't get me wrong, I'm really happy I passed, (And get to keep my job lol), I just thought I was going to score much higher. As someone said in one of the other threads, it's as big a test in reading comprehension as it is knowledge. In retrospect, this was my first CompTIA exam and although I had read so much about how the test would be I really wasn't prepared for their style of questioning. I'll be much better prepared for that with A+ next, (Which I probably should have taken first.)

For the interested:
I had no prior networking experience before this. Study time was approx 4 months.

I used:
-Professor Messer videos + his course notes
-Mike Meyer vids on lydia
-Examcompass tests
-Kindle version of Mike Meyers CompTIA Network+ All-In-One Exam Guide, 6th ed.
-GooglePlay version of Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials (Yes, sad to admit this road started out as studying for 98-366 before realizing Net+ was the superior choice)
-Pearson N10-006 Simulator
-Multiple sets of flashcards on Quizlet before frustration with various authors style led to making about 800 of my own on Anki.

Hands down the biggest help was the Mike Meyers All-In-One book. I did as he suggested, reading it through the first time as if it were a novel, and then reading it again a 2nd time taking notes and cards out of it. Even after finishing it the 2nd time I can't even fathom how many times I ended up going back to that book to look things up after some Google search on an exam objective further complicated a subject leaving me even more confused. The Kindle version was great because of the easy searching and bouncing around. As far as Mike Meyer's style, fortunately I'm a movie and gaming nerd as well so I get his humor. I'm pretty sure there was only 1-2 questions max on my test that cited something not in his book.

The least helpful was examcompass. The style of questioning is much different on the actual test. Examcompass is by no means worthless, I feel like I had just put wayyy too much faith into it thinking I was ok after I was scoring 90%+ on all of the practice tests on it.

Lastly, the Pearson simulator has several threads going so I guess I'll throw my .02c there. I feel like it helped a little but it doesn't get deep enough. For example, on the wap placement one it would have been nice if it had you configure the actual settings on the wap itself. Like setting IP addresses and SSIDs, etc. The intermediate IPv4 addressing practice 1 was good, but it really would have been nice if there were was a 2nd or 3rd version to play with on it. You can only do the same lab so many times! The whole lab part itself also would have been really nice if it had two modes, like a learning and question mode. After going through the sims several times I would have liked to try things without the how-to instructions present. Despite those grips, I would buy the sim again if I were to have to do it all over again because it really wasn't that expensive but I wouldn't rely solely on it. Maybe in 3 years there will be a more elaborate one ;)


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    Congrats on the pass and thanks for the review on the study material!
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    Congrats on passing the Network plus. Quick question. I just found Quizlet for CCENT prep and I am liking what I see so far. This Anki for flash cards. in your view why was this site/product better then Quizlet ?
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    No way don't feel bummed at all. The same exact thing happened to me!! I flagged all my sims and came back to them at the end of the exam and ran out of time. I completed 3 sims and was parially done 1 and had 2 left when time expired and I scored a 734. I was pretty bummed when time ran out because I thought for sure I had failed since I don't finish the sims. And then when I saw I passed I couldn't believe it lol I was ecstatic.

    I agree with your view on this exam being a reading comprehension test as well as a test of your knowledge. I think that's what takes up so much time to! I spent a lot of time making sure I totally and completely understood the question and all of the answers before I selected an answer. It didn't help that some questions had 3 or 4 pieces of info making for one really long question. I totally understood the material and thought I answered most of the questions correctly but I thought the exam could have been constructed differently. I don't know, I guess they wanna make the exam based on scenario questions and situations which isn't a bad idea. Its just confusing how CompTIA words things
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    mgmguy1 wrote: »
    Congrats on passing the Network plus. Quick question. I just found Quizlet for CCENT prep and I am liking what I see so far. This Anki for flash cards. in your view why was this site/product better then Quizlet ?

    I used both but when it came to my own cards that I made I used Anki. I liked it because it uses spaced repetition. When you are going through the cards you basically tell it how easy or difficult it was to answer it. As you do this the amount of time before you see a card again becomes more or less based upon on how you marked it. Eventually cards marked easy will start getting into days before you see them again. If you've only got 50-something cards the system isn't ideal because you'll get through them quick and it will tell you that you're done for the day. However, when you've got 100's of cards and it can take a considerably long time to get through all of them it's good in that minimal time is spent on the no-brainer cards as they'll only come up if they're in their review window.

    Another thing I like is that I can copy/paste images straight from a snippet rather than making an image file and then uploading it and attaching it to the card. I was able to chop up the images on Messors course notes and put everything visual on cards really quickly.

    Quizlet has its perks as well. The ability to make a test out of the cards is really cool and if you do want to review an entire stack it's much easier to do than with Anki.

    Hope that helps!
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    Congrats on the passicon_thumright.gif
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