Passed 884

Worked hard for it, might as well post it up on the BIG BOARD!

Thanks for the motivation!

Every man dies, not every man really lives.


  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    i remain, he who remains to be....
  • jescabjescab Inactive Imported Users Posts: 1,321
    CONGRATZ dude..........
  • elover_jmelover_jm Member Posts: 349

    Can you say what books you used to prepare for this exam?

    thx much
  • bbbngowcbbbngowc Member Posts: 61 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Congrats on the pass. I'm taking the exam on Friday. Any tips?
  • skully93skully93 Member Posts: 323 ■■■□□□□□□□
    great job!

    I'll be @ 2-4 weeks behind you :)
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  • shamrocker98shamrocker98 Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Congratulations! That's a good score.
  • AlienAlien Member Posts: 398
    BRAVO! icon_thumright.gif
    Hard times on planet earth.
  • 12thlevelwarrior12thlevelwarrior Member Posts: 302
    preparation. down and dirty:

    ms book, 1.5 month read take detailed notes

    1 month transfer notes to flashcards and memorize, and take tests with ms book until score 90% over and over

    .5 month brush up until all flashcards memorized and test scores are at 90% ALL THE TIME (know why you missed the ?'s)

    this method takes three months and worked well for me...

    270=904, 290=884, 291=we will see!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
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