Cisco 2503 vs 2514 router

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So I have two 2950 switches and I'm looking to get a router. Should I get a 2503 or a 2514 router, what are the differences?


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    I wouldn't get either of those routers unless you need a paper weight. Go for something a bit more modern.
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    for studying for the ccna there is no difference, they are both crap. even with max memory they are only capable of running version 12.3 of the ios. the current ccna test comes from equipment running version 15 of the ios. you need at least 12.4 to support the things you need to know for the test like ssh, intervlan routing, nat/pat, ipv6, etc.
    but, the real difference is the 2503 has a token ring port and no ethernet aui
    the 2514 has no token ring port, but has two ethernet auis. each aui needs a transceiver to provide a 10mb ethernet port.
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