How do you guys mix videos with book studying?

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Studying for ICND1 and ICND2 . I have the books but i also purchased videos from INE website to help me learn( I'm a visual learner) . I would you mix these 2 studying materials? Should i finish the videos first then read the book or what?


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    I used the CBT Nuggets for CCNA/P Security. I watched a video and took notes then read the corresponding chapter while comparing the text to my notes from the video.
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    I watch a lot of videos, don't read many books. I also use cisco packet tracer and my real equipment to practice what the video shows.
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    I am going through the Danscourses videos which include packet tracer labs. I may use the Todd Lammle book after I go through his course for weak areas. After that I will probably use boson exam max tests.
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    What I did for both the ICND1 & 2 was read the book first then watch videos (some topics twice) to reincforce concepts and drill them in my head. I found Bryant and Wallace to be very helpful to me. Good luck!
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    I usually don't watch videos. I just read books and do exercises. The only exception to this is LinuxAcademy, where their training method is primarily video. I do wonder if I would be better off reading books, than watching videos just since I tend to do well with books.
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    Right now I'm doing Laz's course on Udemy, and reading Todd Lammle's CCNA book at the same time. Sometimes I'll get to a chapter in the book that Laz hasn't covered yet, or vice-versa. But either way they re-enforce each other--the concepts are all the same, even though the teaching methods may be different.
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    I study using this order:
    1. Watch training videos
    2. Use the questions from the book to gauge where I need to focus my studies.
    3. crack open the book for further clarification.

    I never read the book from cover to cover.
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    v1ral wrote: »
    I never read the book from cover to cover.

    You bring up a good point because I don't think I'll ever be able to read Todd's book from cover to cover, if I want to take the CCNA this year.. lol.

    So you basically read the review questions at the end of the chapter, and if you get any wrong, you go back in the chapter to review that specific material?
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    That's something I do. No point in studying something you're already very familiar with. Find your weak areas and strengthen them. At least that's how I view it.
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    I would watch CBT nuggets for a overview, read over interesting topics and lab and then watch INE for more indepth
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    I think i'm going to use your strategy since now i have to kids at home and its a lot harder studying after playing with my sons.
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