Boson network sims.

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Has anybody ever tried this software? Was think of trying to use it if i get this new job where i will need to get my CCNA. Cisco Network Simulator | IT Practice Exams | IT Training |


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    Boson Tests are good..!! Never had Lab Sims. But let me tell you Cisco packet tracer can give you wings to get CCNA, and the drawback is you need to make scenarios of your own which if you get a job you can try to replicate some of those you look around.
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    I've only used the tests used as well so can't comment on the sims. I went the split route and for ICND1 it really helped with the exam, however with ICND2 I'm finding that some of the questions aren't as detailed as the Pearson practice test that comes with the book. For example the Pearson tests gives you samples of config and gets you to pick out what's right/wrong and there seems to be more stuff on HSRP and SNMP which I didn't see as much of on Boson.
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    I thought they did an excellent job with ICND1 - it was spot on. Their INCD2 disappointed me a little bit though after taking the exam. Overall though, it is a solid product.
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    Did not get the job. It came down to me and another person and they got it.

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