What do you like most and least about your job?



  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I am senior network architect.

    What at I like about my job: Autonomy to do whatever I want (within reason of course). Work from home. Playing with new technologies. Building large scale networks that are better than what was there before.

    What I don't like about my job: The management could be better. Competing goals between architecture and operations aren't handled the best up the chain. Really my only gripe right now.
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  • NOC-NinjaNOC-Ninja Member Posts: 1,403
    I am a: Sr Network Engineer

    What I like most about my job:
    The people and deploying new technologies. I get to pick my own technology.

    What I like least about my job:
    Working with people on other states. The engineer(s) that I need to baby because they cant tie their shoes.
  • tbgree00tbgree00 Member Posts: 553 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I am a Virtualization Engineer Level 3

    What I like most: I work with an enterprise level vSphere environment with a lot of plugins and complementary products. I don't deal directly with end users, my customers are other technicians.

    What I like least: Enterprise environment = endless meetings, I'm used to more agility then I currently have.
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    Sheiko37 wrote: »
    Security Analyst

    What I like most about my job: It's a good team, relaxed environment, and I'm overpaid.

    What I like least about my job: It's not challenging, there's not enough "hands on" and I'm not really learning much. I think working for a large global company means all roles are well defined and compartmentalized, so you can't extend yourself beyond your limited job responsibilities.

    Senior Security Analyst

    Ditto. I'm a senior security analyst and have been for over a year. What I like: i'm overpaid and training possibilities are there.

    What I like least: working with lazy people, my knowledge has deteriorated severely because the work isn't in the least bit challenging, difficult to find alternative employment because people see you as a "security analyst 4 life"
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    si20 wrote: »
    Senior Security Analyst

    Ditto. I'm a senior security analyst and have been for over a year. What I like: i'm overpaid and training possibilities are there.

    You live in the UK and consider yourself overpaid? and a pint cost £8 ..wow icon_lol.gif
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    I am a Systems Engineer

    What I like the most about my job: Awesome smart people I work with, all the toys I could ever want to play with, freedom to experiment and lab out whatever I want, no set hours or time I have to be at an office, great pay/benefits, upward mobility, exposure to upper management for the good things I do, great and amazing customers, etc.

    What I don't like about my job: There isn't a whole lot I don't like which is probably why I'm still here. I guess the only cons I can say are that working in a company as large as mine, of course there could always be better communication and autonomy between different business units and for myself, personally, there is always something to do and not enough hours in the day. Sometimes it definitely feels like a balancing act and I always feel like there is SOMETHING I should be working on but that's a little of my own OCD nature as well. My upper management has assured me that I'm doing above and beyond but I still have this little itch in the back of my brain that there is more I should be doing or something I should be working on.

    Hi Iris, what does it take to be a good systems engineer? What do you usually do as one?
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    TechGromit wrote: »
    I thought this was funny, Like a Fortune 100 company is going to be a small mom and pop shop. icon_lol.gif

    It could happen lol
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    Most: Its fairly easy and relaxed most of the time
    Least: I took the position because it was advertised as something completely different, and someone from another team is trying to use my team (and others) to boost his career.
  • knownheroknownhero Member Posts: 450
    I am a: SharePoint Analyst

    What I like most about my job: SharePoint! Absolutely love it. Use PowerShell, workflows, slight development on applications whats not to love?
    What I like least about my job: ​Currently only have a small team so we have to deal with tickets. Blurh!
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