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I thought the network+ was vendor neutral? If the objectives require to configure something wouldn't we have to know cisco or juniper, etc.? Wouldn't that negate the vendor neutral?


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    Been a long long time since I took Network+, but it was vendor neutral back in the day. OSI layers, etc
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    What exactly do you mean by configure something? You can set up a soho wireless router and configure the appropriate settings in a lab sim and that's not gonna be specific to a certain vendor. Most soho routers are similar and very easy to set up
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    Test is vendor neutral. It doesn't require any company specific knowledge, but it will def test basics for all devices commonly found in a network set up.

    Sometimes, you'll be studying on a random website, and see some Cisco questions. That's because people tend to group certs together and study them all at once. I know Skillset and many Quizlet tests do that. But, the actual test doesn't have those questions.
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    My textbooks talk a bit about Windows, Linux, and bring up some Vendor specific protocols and theories- largely Cisco. I think it would be hard not to at least mention Cisco in the course of study. But, yes, vendor neautral and principles you can apply to a variety of situations.

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