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I'm ok about the differences between security and distribution, but Im struggling to remember how each type of group scope (local, global and universal) works, what they can contain, and how to change their type.

This technet article gives me the answers I need, but how can I possibly remember all that?

Is there an easy way to remember this for the exam?



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    Microsoft exams are only partly about remembering theory, it's more about applying it. Having that said, the best way to remember things like group scopes and whatnot, is to use them. Meaning, try them out and 'see' the differences. Before starting with MS studies, you should try and build an imaginary company with an imaginary network, to which you can apply the theory.

    Apart from putting things in practice, it's often good to read it again, but from a different author, in this case yours truly:
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    I've been studying the same thing this morning and for the first time I think I may actually remember some of it, but today is the first time I have really put it in to practice, and practiced, and practiced ....

    I had to setup my test lab so that I had two domains, the second initially running in Mixed mode before upping the Domain level to 2000/2003. I certainly remember it much clearer than I ever have and it's because I've now done it.

    I know I am going to have to do it all a few more times as well to try and keep it in my head, otherwise I will have forgotten it all again by Monday!
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    You need to remember a distribution list is for email.... Need to change to security if you want to access files and folders.

    Domain local, Universal and global you will need to understand how they work. Once you get that down its easy.

    There is a great CBT nugget for this topic.
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    took some time for me, but the jist of the groups as i understand them are this:

    Universal can contain user/groups from all domains and can be given permissions in all domains

    Global can contain members from one domain but can be given permission to all domains

    Domain local can contain members from all domains but can only be given permissions in one domain.

    obviously there is more like which functional level allows nesting, dist to security change, etc... and which level allows which groups, but i believe the above info would be a good base to work from. anyone correct me if i am wrong.
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