Thunderbird Issues

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I have a client that uses Thunderbird. She's an elderly woman.
Last week I went to see her and tried solving the issue, but I didn't solve it. I tried researching the problem. However, I couldn't find the correct solution
When she opens Thunderbird it does not immediately open into her inbox. In order to open her inbox, you have to open a new tab. When clicking the write button to compose an email the window does not open. Moments later Thunderbird would freeze and becomes unresponsive.
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Thunderbird, restoring her pst file, running it in on safe mode, disabling the extensions, but sadly none of those options worked out.
I'm currently doing research on forums because I'm going back tomorrow to work it again, but I can't find any reliable information. Has anyone else dealt with this issue?
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