UPNP question?

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When UPnP is enabled on my home router is that just a kind of "approval" that UPnP services can rub if selected on the computer or game console for example:
If I have a game console that needs certain ports to run online, having UPnP enabled on the router will enable these ports to be opened and forwarded to the device making the communication and requests for them? Or on my PC, if I have software that has an option for UPnP then when enabled the same concept applies to that also??
I'm wondering all this because if on my home router if it's enabled and no specific devices on a console or PC are using UPnP then it won't just open ports by itself will it? Like if I have an incoming request for a certain port that isn't open on my router or machine then UPnP won't just automatically open or forward it to a certain machine will it?
Am I right in saying that UPnP only functions with devices on the INSIDE of your network?


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    It's generally advised to keep UPnP off since it can become a security concern. I would only enable it if you're going to use a device that you want to open up ports. If you need to open up ports for a specific device it's best to find out what ports are needed and apply the port forwarding rules manually in your router. If you're worried about ports being opened up then just turn UPnP off
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    UPnP was designed as a way for devices to discover and possibly configure each other automatically. If your router supports UPnP and it's on, and a device and or software on a device inside your network supports UPnP, then even if that software is malicious, it can tell your router to open ports / port forward. Lots of malicious programs take advantage of this, in order to open a backdoor into a network. It's the exact reason why anyone who understands networking will tell you to leave UPnP off.
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