Depth of RAM knowledge.

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How much knowledge must I have about RAM for Comptia A+?

I assume I need to know the typical clock speeds and the amount of pins for each type of RAM.
Do I need to remember the voltages of the RAM?

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    You definitely will want to be familiar with the number of pins for the different ram types. But I don't think clock speeds and voltage are that important, not unless they decided to increase focus on that for the 900 series
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    I'm just trying to make my notes more concise because at the moment there's a ton of little bits and bats that I don't think i'll be able to memorize, or need for that matter.

    I've committed extra time to the RAM section of the Exam Cram book because the information isn't sticking. I'm making progress but I do think there's quite a lot to memorize in this chapter.

    Server and Storage Analyst
    CompTIA A+
    MSCA: Server 2016 - 70-710 70-711 70-712
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    This exam has exam objectives, which are topics that are covered on the exam, although not everything is on there it gives you a guide on what to study. Search for it online or go to CompTIA's website and request it via entering your name and email. Its very easy to locate.

    • SRAM vs DRAM – Static ram does not need refreshing, usually on CPU cache, Dynamic ram needs refreshing, usually main memory, both are volatile
    • SDRAM = 168-pins, synchronized to base clock of MoBo
    • DDR 184 pins, DDR2 240 pins, DDR3 240 pins
    • Parity is when extra bit stores for error detection, ECC can detect and correct errors
    • RIMM or Rambus has notches straight in middle

    Above are the RAM notes I used for this exam, obviously there is more but hopefully that gives you an idea. Same amount of knowledge you would have to know for other objectives, just read the objectives.

    Here is an older thread and inside someone posted their study guide for all to use.
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