Getting Sick of Job Market

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I'm starting to get very frustrated with the current job market. Sure I've had some interviews and employers have shown great interest in me, but I am still without a job. It seems that there are many people in IT that don't have jobs but have experience, and they seem to be taken over me. I'm starting to consider starting my own company and repairing computers/networks throughout my city. I have applied to around 10 jobs in the last week so I will see how things go with that first. If I have no job after all this, I may have to start off on my own. Anyone have any advice?



  • lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    Try picking up some contract work via or the like. I turned down two today because that is not what I want to do (currently employed anyway, want something full time). This will give you experience and exposure...who knows, you may end up with something perm after is it complete.
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  • tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    hey man its not easy.. im a recent college grad and at first, i coudlnt find 1 full time job.. i do have experience tho,

    while i was in school, i started working part time for various places doing various duties, now when i grad, i cant get hired full time. i got pissd, but i never gave up, every day i applied to as many positions as i could.. i would go on interviews, somtimes 3 for the same company just to be let down at the end saying that i didnt fit the position.. what pissed me off was that i was technically qualified for it, i mean when you get to the 3rd interview, i guess it comes down to price.. maybe i was asking too much.. i dunno?

    this last week has been promising to me.. but its still up in the air.. i got hired as a computer trainer for a real estate company with 700 agents. sounds great right? well.. the price still hasnt been settled yet.. i ask for 25/hr which i think is reasonble considering my position gets paid easily 60k.. i did research of job... anyhow.. they came back to me with a insulting price of 15/hr.. i told them to wake up basically and that i am sticking to my 25/hr since the market charges more.. so right now, its still up in the air.. they know they cant get a professional to do this position for less.. this position has a lot of commitment time.. anyhow..

    what i am tryn to get at is.. with this wack economy... employers are milking the employees .. it sucks.. but it will come back .. its been comming back slowly.. key word SLOWLY.. dont let it bring you down.. if you keep gettn your name out there, you will get picked up..

    starting up your own bizz is great.. but its also hard to do ... trust and word of mouth is whats going to get the ball rolling for you.. i actually thought about doing my own thing.. but i fiigured i would get atleast 5 years experience within my feild then figure out to do my own thing and attract my own customers..

    right now, i got another lead that i thought fell through.. Level 2 tech with verizon.. i thought they forgot about me.. and today.. they called me back saying they want me to come in for a 4 week training before anyhting.. i told them i couldnt since i already kinda started working for another computer and couldnt give them a definate yes.. so i got till wed to decide.. lifes a biotch.. dont give up.. just by seeing you on the forums.. i can see youre goal oriented.. i think you will be just fine.. give it time..


    damn this post got long,. lol sorry
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    tokhss - I think your expectations are rather high for a lot of areas. I know a couple people doing that job stateside and they are in the $12 - $18 bracket. Remember - the market does not what you think the position is worth, but what someone else will do the job for.
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  • cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    Yeah, I agree with RussS. Asking for $25 an hour is way too much for a recent college graduate. I would think you should need at least three years of experience to get that kind of money. But since you ask for so much, it gives me hope that I might be able to find a job because I'll work for cheap. I'm only asking for $12 an hour and will take FT, PT, contract...... ANYTHING! I think it's just a matter of time before I find a job, especially once I get MCSE.

  • tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    i do have 3 years of experience... thats the thing.. while i was going to school i worked part time and did contract work doing desktop support.. network implementation, phone support, and deployment work .. doing computer training is cake for me.. just time consuming and having patience is key. in my area.. west hollywood, beverly hills , LA .. the cost of living is high and the pay rate is higher than other areas... givin my surroundings.. yes.. 25 hour is fair for me and the area.. i have asked other people and they also believe it is fair..

    the job i may have with verizon as a level 2 tech pays 22/hour.. every other job i have had paid between 18-23 hour... i think highly of myself b/c i know i am worth it.. i can get the job done and more .. thats the way any1 must think.. confidence .. presenting yourself as a valueble asset to the company and make them believe your well worth it.. thats what i have done in the past to get my jobs and will keep on doing..

    your only worth what you believe your worth. i know im worth more.. just not yet ;)
  • tokhsstokhss Member Posts: 473
    also.. the only reason why i want to have certifications is soley for the employer.. certs do a couple things.. 1. shows the employer you atleast know something and 2. may get your more money if the job states 40-50k.. those who have experience with certs will get the upper salary.. those with only certs and little experience will get the lower salary floor..

    certs also do more than that.. but to me.. thats what i think certs do.. back when i started school.. certs were not as common and as demanding as they are today.. competition is soo high.. employers must add another level of filtering.. thats where certs come in.. seems like now all employers want are either a college degree with certifications to back it up or raw experience.. and good history of it.

    gotta love it :)
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    Yup, the jobmarkets worldwide seem to suck at the moment. Over here you CAN get entry level positions.. which is nice.. if you're willing to get paid so little that you can't afford your own place. If it continues like that I'll be forced to take up a position in customer services with some finance corp. Funnily enough they pay as much (even more) than IT corps.. still the thought makes me shudder...
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    There is not much job for entry level, but a lot of job position open for experience worker.
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