290, seems to be so much less info eg:technotes to 270 exam

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I purchased the Sybex 290 book and it is slimmer than the 270 book. The technotes on this site contain heaps less information that the 270 technotes. Is this because this exam isnt as big as 270? Will it require only a month or so of study to know everything in the sybex book and technotes? i studied about 3 months for 270 exam and nailed it at 2nd attempt scoring 936. Now i know what to expect with MS exams all the info ive gathered for the 290 exam less wuite less. Is this true. Is this exam smaller than 270?


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    nope, covers alot of the same material but it is more difficult than 270...

    But easily passable.
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    Trailerisf wrote:
    nope, covers alot of the same material but it is more difficult than 270...

    But easily passable.

    I've said this before, and I know I am not the only one. The 270 and 290 are not very similar at all IMO. The ONLY thing that really carried over was the folder/file permissions, but everything else that I was tested on in the 290 (I took it twice) was not tested on in the 270.

    In the 270 you don't talk about Backup and Disaster recovery like the 290, and this is a heavily hit objective. Also, terminal services was covered much more in the 290. There are other things as well, but to answer your question IMO the 290 is quite a bit harder then 270. Likewise the 291 is harder then the 290. When I failed the 290 the first time I studied with the Sybex book and I did not think it was enough. I bought the MS Press book and it was much much better IMO. If you do just use the Sybex book I would recommend getting a good set of practice questions from Transcender or something similar.

    Good luck!
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    I agree with TeKniques, and even the overlapping topics are covered from a different angle (client vs. server).

    The reason there are less TechNotes for the 70-290 exam, is simply that I haven't written TechNotes for all the 70-290 exam objectives yet, not for 'all' 70-270 objectives either actually. At the bottom of each TechNotes, you can see exactly which exam objectives it covers.
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    I think this post should be pinned up so that other who are new to the exam reads it because we have this types of questions daily. I would suggest that there be a polling on this exam also, plus, those who have passed it would rate it to get a general consensus.
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    take the time, prepare in the same fashion and you will score high. rush it in a month and you will risk failure.
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    oh yeah, props to the webmaster this site rules :D
    Every man dies, not every man really lives.
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