Passed CISSP - 16 March 2016 (Tougher than I thought)

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Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Sri Lanka….!

I would like to thank all the colleagues who took the time to share their experience on how to pass CISSP exam.

I managed to successfully complete the CISSP exam on 16th March 2016 at 1st attempt.

I referred Sybex CISSP 7th Edition heavily + Sybex Test engine + CCCure. Apart from that, I referred Eric Conrad 3rd Edition, Shon Harris 6th edition, just for reference checks.

To be frank, the exam was way too difficult than I thought. It’s not just about theory or experience; English itself was too confusing for people like us who are not native English speakers.

As per my experience with the exam, you can never compare it with CCCure or Sybex Test engine. Questions were not straight forward as you see in practice engines therefore, understand the concept and theory very well, skimming through the book will not work out as per my understanding.

Wishing everyone all the success with CISSP

Thank you.


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