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So I'm Currently a cyber security analyst at a MSSP and just got into doing some policy auditing with PCI-DSS and weirdly enough I'm loving it. My question is what certs are there available to validate my knowledge? I currently have Sec+, and waiting for my endorsement for CISSP to come back I was thinking PCIP and GSEC auditor
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    PCI-P is the certification you can achieve without working for a company which processes payment cards.
    If you have a company which processes, transmits or stores payment cards, you can take go for PCI-ISA (internal security assessor) certification
    To be a PCI-QSA, you take the same test as the PCI-ISA but you work for a company which can assess other companies for PCI compliance.

    There are other PCI-based certifications specializing in forensics and payment processing, but i am not familiar with those.
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