Passed CISSP - March 17th

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I finally took my CISSP today and passed it (first attempt) I thought i would post to share my experience so that it might help others.

I have been working in some form of IT for the past 10 years, heavily the last 8 years in Security and Infrastructure. I took a Global Knowledge CISSP course last December and heavily started studying i would say the past 3-4 weeks.

I purchased a paid ccure account and watched all of the CBT's on Clements website about a month ago, i then purchased the cccure quiz engine 2 weeks ago and have taken approximately 50 or so sample exams through their site. the cccure CBT's and quizzes are probably the reason i passed the test. Clement does a very good job at explaining the domains with great detail.

The exam itself was very difficult, much more than i thought it would be. I was almost certain i had failed when clicked the end exam button. I spend about 3 hours answering questions, i probably 30 that i had marked to review. Then spent another 40 minutes or so reviewing those and ended up changing probably 1/3 of them. I only took one short break, that was after the 3 hour mark and before i went into review mode.

So to sum it up, my recommendation would be to
  • Watch videos
  • Purchase cccure account and watch CBT's
  • Purchase cccure quiz engine and take as many sample quizzes as you can
  • As other people have said, try to use no outside knowledge when answering the questions. only use the information they give you that you have learned from the CBK. Do not try to think to hard or fill in gaps with what you have learned in the real world, it can hurt you.
Good Luck!


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