Need Advice: DMVPN vs IPSec GRE

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Can anyone provide a little advice?

Pros vs. Cons

Limitations to DMVPN vs. IPSec GRE

Possible implications with a rollover (Not including hardware/ios)

How to minimize downtime of remote sites?

I've been tasked with creating a proposal since I got the bright idea of wanting to change stuff that isn't broken -.-
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    I'd be proposing MPLS over both personally.
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    DMVPN using IPsec and Virtual Tunnels and utilizing the IP unnumbered command. Best of IPsec protocols and ease of doing a VTI tunnel. Bring up a separate VPN hub, we use ASR1000's and bring up the VTI on the new spoke then drop the old tunnel. Virtually seamless in the transition. I'm currently doing a project on converting 1400 tunnels using a VTI to our one firewall and building 2 more VTI's to our new Firewall and to our DR site using IKEv2.
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