Best A+ test software?

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Hi there,
What would you guys think the best practice software is for the 801-802 or 901-902? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    I just purchased the CertMaster A+ from CompTIA 2 days ago. It's one super long test broken down into the different subjects. Each subject has around 20 questions and you can't advance until you get them all right. I don't know, exactly, how many questions are in it but I would assume well over 500. When you get one wrong, it explains why you're wrong then randomly throws the question back into the bunch for you to answer. You'll have to answer it right a couple times throughout the section before you can advance so you fully grasp the answer. There are a mobile version and a desktop version which is why I purchased it. I can use the mobile app at work or when I'm out of the house to study and the desktop version at home to study. The only downside is the cost..$120, for the license for both 901 and 902, for students. But if it helps me pass so I don't have to pay for more exams then it's worth it.

    Edit: There's about 1400 questions total between 901 and 902 on CertMaster A+. So there's quite a bit of learning to be had with the program!
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    I don't think you need to spend so much on this exam. Get the exam cram by David Prowse 6th edition, his CD included with the book has 699 practice questions and they are very helpful. If you can score 80-90% of his practice exam software, you will pass.

    That is the only software I recommend, its only 25-30 bucks included with the book and don't need to spend much more than that to pass this exam. This is coming from a person who had zero IT experience and recently passed the exam (800 series).
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