hitting around 60% on netacad exams 3 months left ?

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Anyway have been moaning on this forum basically since joined :) also got great help from people wolfkhat :) and others on many questions that i had.But time flies,i always was into IT more pc computers in general troubleshooting making my own rigs and solving any hardware software issues since being kid,so CCNA was exciting course to get in-college funded so thought this will be my break trough and career change towards my dream into IT-no previous related IT jobs just freelance.

anyway before course started 3 months prior i hit youtube and found some indian guy doing classes-now that was huge mistake,since guy made it sort of entry lessons on every topic which seemed will be easy,before got into real lab.

Anyway since beginning studying and doing all chapters my score on netacad is always in the middle of 60%,once i go trough questions i see i make a lot of mistakes just by not reading some questions and selecting wrong interface or line,but even with that id barely hit 70% score.

So now i realize that im basically 20%+ short,and by now everything starts to just melt together where id make mistakes with different protocols,not remembering where certain commands go in,and have troubles when seeing outputs of sh run or ip route tables with 10+ listed routes/interfaces connected.

basically to put it out i have little to none understanding in troubleshooting different protocols if theres issues,ipv6 0 knowledge on that topic 128bits and letters makes me crumbled,know how to shorten ipv6 address :: or omit leading 0 but thats all.
also virtual routers and different settings in eigrp/ospf as above just makes me confused-know basics but not enough to know protocols in detail.

So question with 3 months to go,not being optimistic i usually do 2-4 hrs per day max on studying as thats all the time i have to spare,but somewhat see myself failing,at this point,since nearly finished 3rd semester on advanced ospf/eigrp and wan is still to come,thus feel like ill be just taking gamble when it comes to exam and scoring 50% if lucky truth be told.

Anyway as said venting but feel that materials to know and actual difficulty is way over my head to take it all in,if anyone been in same boat how did you manage or cope-since feel like got one shot and that itll be wasted-btw its single exam,no option of split,nor dont think id have better chance really.
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