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I just wanted to not be a hoarder of information and post the free resources I have here. Whether you're a packet nerd like me or if you're going for your CCIE and need some more in-depth information, here is what I have:

Websites (This is one of my favorites. Very interesting scenarios) (Hansang Bae has webinars once in a while I recommend checking out).
Chris Greer - YouTube


These are not free, but I recommend ALL of them:
TCP IP Illustrated Volume 1 (Fundamentals). Closest thing you'll get to the RFCs, but a little more interesting :D.
TCP IP Illustrated Volume 2 if you're interested in seeing how socket programming is done. If you want a crash course, here's one that's good enough:

I also recommend any books written by Laura Chappell. They are excellent.

Packet Locations

This probably took me the longest to find, but here are a few I know of:

Wireshark Book Website (Just go to the product pages and plenty of captures per book free). (Repository of pcaps. Need to sign up).
Public PCAP files for download (Large listing of repository here)
And of course, I can't forget packet life's resources: Packet Captures -
I also have some that I have gathered from Riverbed Shark that you may not find here such as EoIP tunnels between foreign and anchor controllers and IS-IS SPB encapsulated packets.

Lastly, I will most likely be posting my own knowledge gathered over the times in the near future. Stay tuned.
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