Scheduling the exam?

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Hey guys, I need your input on scheduling my exam. I'm about to start studying for the CCENT and my plan is to start reading Wendell Odom's book and take notes as well as some labs and sims. Once, I get a good feel for how fast or should I say slow lol I am preogressing through the book, then I will schedule the exam. When is usually a good time to schedule the exam? Half way through the book? Before you start studying? I guess my main concern is that if I feel I'm ready to take the test in 3 or 4 weeks will there still be availability? Or is it best to schedule the exam way ahead of time?


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    With any certification, I schedule when I am tired of studying and just ready to get it over with. When I barely pass a practice exam I schedule the real exam to push myself to study harder because I have a deadline at that point.

    Availability is not an issue for me because there are so many test centers in my area. You should check the Pearson Vue site for test centers near you to see what their scheduling is like.
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    I would first finish the entire book. No need to rush scheduling your exam and possibly failing it then needing to pay another $150 for a new voucher. Take your time to understand the material. Once you finish the book and pass at least 2 practice exams, I would say schedule it. Also, don't just use one book for your studies. Try a few different resources like Todd Lammle or Paul Browning or Chris Bryant. There are tons of different vendors that offer material for the exam. Would you rather spend another $30 for a CCENT study guide or another $150 for a new exam voucher. Choice is yours. Best of luck with your CCENT. Know your subnetting!
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    Something to consider is that you can reschedule the exam if you realise you won't be able to make it. I think you need at least 24 hours notice to do that.

    Certainly, I wouldn't schedule until you have a good idea of how long it is going to take you to complete the studies. I'd say no earlier than a 1/4 the way through, and maybe not until you are finished with the book.

    If you are concerned about availability, then you can go on to pearson vue and look at the availability now - how many test centres are near you and what days they are open, and how booked out they are.

    I'm fortunate enough to have quite a few test centres close by, and some open 7 days, so finding a place "last minute" is usually not a problem. If you are going to need to take a special trip, or stay overnight, then you'll probably want to book it a little while in advance. In which case, I'd suggest waiting until you are "ready" before booking, and spending the time waiting revising.
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