CBT nuggets vs Testout

namanama Member Posts: 187
any comments on which one of the above is more efficient for network+?


  • billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
    CBT Nuggets for me!! Although that alone will not get you a pass!! Only hard candle burning through a good book and expeirience will work. I used the videos when i was`nt in the mood for reading, it makes a nice break from the books. Hope this helps.
  • namanama Member Posts: 187
    I intend to use Sybex book too but I'm just not sure it matches best with CBT nuggets or Testout. Both of them got video trainings.
  • cairtakercairtaker Member Posts: 140
    The CBT series is good for learning the basic and understanding the protocols. They are presented in an easy to understand method. They do not give you enough information to pass the exam, but they do give a good start for the certification.
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