Need serious tips/advice on revising for the A+

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I am going to start studying for the 901/902 A+ exams, whilst I do already work in IT I do not touch hardware, I mainly deal with things at an OS level and tbh I have been in IT under 3 months. I would like to get the A+ not only for future prospects but to actually learn some new things that can help me in my current job. I bought the Mike Meyers all in one but but I have no idea how to use this as a study tool.. its ridiculously thick, how would I even go about making notes from such a giant piece of literature? I really need some tips on how to do this effectively. I am also going to use Professor Messer videos, and will be purchasing the Mike Meyers 901/02 course soon (he is currently still developing it). Honestly any revision advice would be appreciated.


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    My method was to read the Exam Cram 6th Edition by David Prowse (800 Series) and along the way, take notes. It is a big book also and it took me 3-4 weeks to study for this exam. After I read the entire book, I would just do practice questions from the CD included in his book, CompTIA sample questions, and I would also look over my notes, written notes and ones that I typed.

    Then for the things that need visuals, I would refer to Professor Messer but I used his videos last so I couldn't finish them all, though they were great they were a little long for me. If you have IT experience, I don't think this exam will be too tough, just gotta get yourself mentally ready for the wealth of information, that's all.
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