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Hello All,

I know this post is probably somewhere in the depths of this forum, but figure I may resurface it. When I studied for my CCENT I used the following: CBT nuggets(ICND1), Odom cert guide(ICND1), and I used Boson Ex-Sim (ICND1). All of this was really great and I love CBTnuggets, Jeremy does a great job keeping it entertaining and interactive.

My main question is, can I use the same materials for the ICND2 portion or will I need a bit more?

Thank you!


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    I would say no.
    get a icnd2 books and vids.
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    haha, thank you for the reply. I meant can I use the same resources except with the ICND2 material.
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    I'm working on ICND2 now as well, and my approach is going to be lots of Tshooting, and more hands on. Of course I'll run through the material for concepts the same as I did for ICND1. But I'm thinking that for the ICND2 they will be expecting more critical thinking skills. So Lab Lab Lab!
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    good point, going to get my hands on packet tracer and look for some labs/build my own..I decided to take a look at Lammels book and so far i am liking it. I like the way it's written compared to Odom, it seems more direct and to the point (not sure if that's a good or bad thing), I myself find reading very boring and this book doesn't seem to be too heavy (yet, only a chapter in lol). it's great that CBt nuggets and both books go hand in hand and in the same order for the most part this way you don't have to jump around too much.

    anyway that's my take on it.

    good luck everyone!
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    I have the Lammle book and the Odom book. I found the Lammle book much easier to read. Odom seems to make things more complicated than they need to be.
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    Although books are boring, they do hold loads of information which can be looked over by videos. I found that Lammels book was very good and I would hands down recommend it.

    Chris Bryan'ts CCNA series is very informative, although you may fiind it a bit dry. I found that Brian's INE series is probably the most informative and down to earth.

    As for labbing, I would recommend getting GNS3 set up as packet tracer has some extreme drawbacks and some glitches along the way.
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