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    Is there a point to this post?
    Do you need help or something?
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    fpso: Fully Privatized Security Organization.

    You're welcome. That'll be $50, please.
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    I was hoping for a discussion on TLAs an FLAs. Bummer.
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    Don't worry I have some memory techniques that will help you.

    DMZ - Do Monkeys (become) Zombies?
    PaaS - Please answer another squestion
    UTM - Umbrella Tortures Many
    SSL - Sorry Somebody Left
    HTTP - Hairy Tables Together Power
    HTTPS - Hairy Tables Together Power Secure
    LEAP - Leopards Enter Awesome Place
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    I am going to ignore the snark and agree with the sentiment. SRSLY. Too many. Flashcards FTW.

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    Random comment: I just had a flashback of summer of 2000 when my Network+ instructor insisted LAN meant Large Area Network. It took seven of us to convince him otherwise.
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