COMEBACK...which book for 200-120 ?

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Hi yall,

Im picking studying back up after my ccna/ccnp expired years ago, still working in the business currently as 3th line engineer.

Im wondering which book you guys recommend to get ready for the exam ? 200-120
I see so many versions and authors that i dont know what to take.

Any recommendations and or reasons why I should go for a let's say particular author ?

alot go with Wendel O's version
but why not for instance this one?

much appreciated:)


  • popquizkid95popquizkid95 Posts: 39Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    I'm studying for the 200-120, and have really enjoyed Todd Lammle's book. He has a fun, sometimes even humorous, style of explaining the material. The book is a beast though with 1176 pages, so I'm not expecting to read every single page. But each chapter has a nice summary at the end with several review questions, which is perfect for those that don't have the time to read it front to back.
  • toasterboy1toasterboy1 Posts: 50Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Agree with previous post and the CBT micro nuggets by Jeremy Cioara are hilarious. He also will send you extra stuff to practice if you email him a copy of your receipt. Always found the Cisco Press stuff too dry.
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