CCNP Switch 300-115 Testprep: Boson vs MeasureUp

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I wanted to shed some light and get some discussion going on this. I've been preparing for this exam using Boson. Labs and questions were straightforward and as someone who has taken a few Cisco exams it really had a good feel for what you might see on exam day. Though keep in mind i have not taken the exam yet.

After getting my scores up over 90% consistently i moved to the package Cisco offers when you schedule your exam - Measureup. The content is a lot different with questions/answers much less clear. The feel is almost peculiar. Here's the kicker - The labs present a scenario and say 'using abbreviated Cisco IOS commands configure the following'. From there you cant use the question mark, cant use the up arrow, literally cant do anything but enter the full commands exactly as they're meant to be entered. Further, after entering configure terminal you can't even use the exit command to return to the privileged exec prompt. Anything other than what they're looking for gives you a 'undefined' response. Cisco's real exams are clunky, sure. But not this clunky.

It's been a few years since my last cert test so i really need some feedback. Has Cisco changed their test format this significantly (and made things that much harder in doing so) that this test prep is valid? My gut says no and Boson is a much better product.

I'd like to get some discussion going on this. Deep down i think measureup is just a terrible product and if that's the case i want people to know about it. If it is in fact more in line with what you'll see on the exam i'd like to know that as well.

Thanks very much.



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    **EDIT** 'using un-abbreviated cisco ios commands' so basically syntax needs to be 100% or you're gettting everything wrong.
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    I really hope the Cisco exam isn't that clunky. I'm always typing things like swi tr en do and swi mo ac and use ? and tab all the time.
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    Trying not to ruin the NDA here.. I took the 300-101 Yesterday (And Passed! :D woo) - Could use the ? and type in commands with the ?
    show run? etc..

    Don't fret. Also, I have the 3 boson CCNP tests, and they are awesome!!
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    Ken217aKen217a Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□
    So, how does Boson compare to the real test? I am getting ready to take the Switch exam by the end of May. Trying to decide if buying Boson Network Sim & Test are worth it. Any insight would be greatful.

    Thanks, Ken
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