Measure Up Practice Exams for 410 very difficult

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I just activated the measure up practice tests for 410.
So I took 2 tests so far. I believe 25% of the questions are about powershell cmdlets.
They have some "Case Studies" where you get a list of 12 cmdlets and they give you 3 questions.
For each question, you have to pick from that 12 cmdlets list. All questions have the same 12 answers. That doesn't change.

Also, there is a scenario where you want to install a Windows 2012 R2 Server with Minimal interface and you have to keep the required disk space to a minimum. I thought, well, install Core and then Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra. The thing is, Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra was not available, only Server-Gui-Shell.

You have a list of 10-12 choices in the left column that you can drag and drop to the right column and form the solutions.

I can't break 60%. Damn it. I got 57%, 58%

I'm curious if you find this "Case Studies" or "Group in order" or whatever is best to prepare for the 410 test.


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    Watch this video here around the 8 minute mark . Actually you should really watch the whole video as it gives some good detailed insight directly from Microsoft on the 70-410 exam. According to Microsoft, the 70-410 doesn't include case studies. Actually, the whole MCSA doesn't include case studies on the exams; it's not until the MCSE exams that you start to see case studies. I took and passed the 410 exam a few days ago and it didn't include any case studies. HOWEVER, I would be prepared for anything for the test. DEFINITELY know your Powershell commands VERY well before you sit for the exam the first time. I didn't use the Measure Up practice tests but I did use the Transcender and they were a lot harder than the actual exam was but I can't comment for the Measure Up because I didn't use them. I wrote a detailed post a few days ago about how I studied for the 410 here . It's a tough exam but it's possible to pass the first time with the right study habits and materials. Don't be afraid to do some research on your own outside of whatever study materials you're using. Good luck!

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    Yes, I remember having both those question types. I also remember questions where you read it and think "Great, I know how to do that", then you read the potential answers and the obvious answer (to you) is missing.
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    I saw both of those exam question types during my tests.

    That format isn't a "Case Study" per se. I can't remember exactly what they call it but it isn't a case study. Those are tricky sometimes because they throw a lot of options at you that may or may not be even relevent depending on the question asked. In one case, I remember that of the three questions two of them had the same answer and it freaked me out. Scored 100% in that section so I imagine I got them right but needless to say you need to know the material to know what all applies.

    The latter is, in my opinion, the hardest set of questions in Microsoft tests. From what I have found though, they seem to pull the order directly from TechNet pages so if you study TechNet hard enough and long enough you will find the answer that Microsoft is looking for.
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