What percentage of your question would you say were scenario based?

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This doesn't delve into specifics so I feel like it doesn't violate the CISSP agreement to ask. I've heard many folks say that their questions were more complex than any practice exam they took. What percentage of your total questions were scenario based? I am trying to get a feel for the time the exam will take.


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    Do your research before asking a "gray" question like that. All I can say is be prepared for anything and everything. I'd use multiple testing engines to get yourself ready.

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    you get 6 hours.

    I took about 2.5 hours, including 2 bathroom breaks, 2 cups of coffee, and eating a sandwich and some cookies. You'll have enough time.
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    Another thing: practice tests should be about 10% of your preparation at most. They're for assessing domains and topics you're weak/strong on, and right before the test they should boost your confidence and take away test anxiety, at least some.

    You should invest your time and energy filling in gaps in your weak areas with study guides, source material, videos, courses, etc.

    If your plan is to pass the exam by memorizing answers to test questions, you're gonna have a bad time.

    Use reputable practice tests as your metrics, and for getting yourself in the testing groove before your exam. Keep it simple. Hope this helps.
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    Scenario based questions are multiple choice just like everything else. Should not matter in terms of time, instead it should help.
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