How to get your foot in the door? Do more certs help or not matter?

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So I've been looking on and off for about 4 months now and not finding much. I don't think the way my resume is written is much of an issue. I'm getting some interviews here and there. But it always seems like they hold me off to see if their top choices will accept. I'm finishing a bachelor degree this year. I have Net+ and looking to add more certs. I don't have much professional IT experience at all. So dont know if more certs would help any.

A few of the interviews have been weird... One interview I was recently at the guy seemed more interested talking about his own accomplishments. Seriously the interview was like 30 minutes long and he spent at least 20 minutes talking about himself. I guess I didn't appear impressed enough with what he was saying because I didn't get that job. Another interview the guy really seemed to like me and the interview ended on a great note. A week later he says he needed someone with much more experience but offered an unpaid internship to me. That's not really financially possible since my landlord sort of likes being paid. But why did he even contact me if he was wanting a bunch of experience?

But that's sort of how the search has been going. Another job looked real promising, a great interview. But they took 2 months to tell me no.
I don't know if it's me or them, or both. But maybe I should just stop trying for awhile. Finish the few months of school I have left and work to finish some certs Im working towards. I have a non-IT job now that I'm not happy with but gets me by financially. I know you need to get experience somehow, but it's sort of hard to throw a solid job away (in this economy) and then jump into internships or volunteer work with nothing guaranteed at the end of it.


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    I would try to gain experience on the side if you have the time. Some places that are flexible on hours that would be of benefit to your schedule would include libraries, schools, and churches. Experience will help you get more exposure on your resume and more employers will consider you. Certifications will help as well as your degree so definitely keep that up in the meantime. icon_thumright.gif
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    There's no guarantee that more certifications will help, but it can definitely be guaranteed that they won't hurt icon_wink.gif
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    I would suggest networking. Go to, message guys that are here from your state, add people from linkedin and ask for a chance to hire you. You have to hustle hard. icon_thumright.gif
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    Certifications will help get your resume past HR filters, and potentially an interview (generally combined with experience to really help with getting the interview). But it seems you're getting interviews. You need to seal the deal during the interview. You've got to sell the hiring manager on the fact that you CAN step in and do the job. That's the key.
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    Lack of certs and / or a degree are things that might keep you from getting called back for an interview. However, when you do get called in for an interview, it's what you do during the interview that matters.
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    Focus on your degree and getting at least one cert under your belt, but keep sending out your resume for jobs. I suggest looking for a paid internship if you can.
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    Additional certifications may or may not get you more interviews. Not having any experience is the biggest negative factor for you. Do anything that you can to get it on your resume, even if it has to be volunteer work.

    Since you are at least getting interviews, I have to imagine that you are applying for the correct level of position (entry level) and that your resume is acceptable. Don't get discouraged by not getting the offers, at the very least you got in some interview practice.

    Hang in there. Getting your foot in the door in IT is sometimes difficult, but once you do things get better.
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