Passed CISSP exam today 03/23/2016

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Hi guys
I have passed the CISSP exam earlier today on my first attempt.
Here are my study regime and some study + exam tips.

Experience: Almost 15 years total IT experience in different domains. I have some other network and security product certificates as well.

Prep time: 4 months in total. I am working full time so I spent about average 3 hours every night just studying and taking quiz and in weekend spend some more time.


  • Shon Harris AIO 6th Edition (7/10)
  • Sybex 7th Edition 2015 (9/10)
  • 11th Hour (7/10)
  • Eric Conrad 2E (6/10)
Practice Exam:
  • CCCure Quiz (8/10)
  • Sybex test banks (9/10)
  • Sybex book 450 Questions (8/10)
  • Transcender (6/10)
Other Study Material:
  • Cybrary video (9/10)
  • Sunflower PDF (5/10)
  • CISSP Combined Notes (7/10)
  • The International CISSP Summary (7/10)
Study method:
  • First and foremost, the AIO is still a very valid study material. Even if the book is not relevant to the CISSP certification anymore, it still makes for a good work reference with the depth it provides. I finished each chapter on the AIO and proceed through each chapter's quiz on the AIO and Practice Exam. I also used Cybrary video and Conrad Book 2E with each chapter to understand each topic more in details.
  • Once I finished the AIO, I moved on to CCCure to brush up on the new 2015 CBK materials. Also I started to review Sybex 7th Edition to get current CISSP material. I like Sybex 7th Edition book for exam point of view as it very well covers necessary topics for current CISSP exam format.
  • Then after, I just reviewed other study materials and different quizzes all the way until exam day. I liked both CCCure Quiz and Sybex test banks.
Study tips
  • Don't wait for study at last minute. It'll not work.
  • Relate what you've read to your working / professional experience. That will help you gain solid understanding of the concept rather than plain memorizing which is somewhat burdensome.
  • Do as much quizzes you can, but try to understand detail concept and why each answer is right or wrong. CCCure Quiz gives you very good explanation of each topic.
  • Try to work on you weak domains more and try exposes yourself to different angles a question may be asked.
  • If necessary, use Google, Wiki or other sites to get more about weak topics.
Exam Tip
  • Before exam day, get plenty of rest and get to the testing center early.
  • READ, READ, READ questions before jump to select answer.
  • Think like manager before you give any answer.
Work hard, be kind and success will follow you..

Thanks everybody for all your support.


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