Failed first attempt at Security - question about one of the simulation questions

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I have been reading here for awhile and soaking up the knowledge, I took the Security + test on Tuesday and got a 720 which is not quite good enough to pass. I am taking some down time to reevaluate my weak areas. {removed discussion about exam]

edit (mod comment):
- What are good ways to learn more about firewalls?
- Which materials did others use to prepare in addition to using the Objectives from COMPTIA?
- How much experience and/or lab time did you invest to get yourself ready to pass your exam?


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    Go to Darril Gibson's website and buy the 30 day plan. You can practice for the test and he has great simulations. Well worth it. I failed the first time and after using his site, I went up a 100 points.
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    I have been using Darril's site for test prep and the simulations in it and they are good, scoring mid 90's on the 100 question tests and understand the firewall principles used. My thing is since we have no way of knowing if you get full or partial credit on questions did I get all the IP/Port/etc correct and lose total credit because I didn't understand what they wanted to know when it came to the drop down about the zones?

    I was very baffled by that since there was not enough information to know what they were asking for of course. My explanation might not have been great enough.
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    Doesn't it say so on the test result paper?
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    my results paper didn't show much, only whether or not i missed a question in a particular module. doesn't say how many i missed or whih ones i did better or worse in.

    i read darills whole book and paid for his 30 day package. i also watched some of professor messers youtube videos on security+ and bought his notes for $10. i didn't spend much time looking at his notes or darills $30 package so i probably over spent there. i definitely think those helped but i think everything i studied was stuff i had learned in school and just had to freshen my memory. you are close already. one more try 'should' get you there. i scored an 805 and had thought that i had failed it. it definitely would have been easier with a 2nd monitor for the simulations though.

    good luck
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    To answer my updated question I am taking a course at an Adult Ed facility and my recent job was in a NOC and while I did not create firewall rules but I have pushed and had research them as part of my job. We have been using the all in one book and I did buy the 30 days on D Gibsons site, which has been good at enforcing what I know and going over the sim questions. The part of the question I had asked about was not listed on Gibsons firewall sim btw.

    I agree with dhay13 the exam printout paper just says you missed one or more questions related to this exam objective (insert section). I was hoping to better understand that particular simulation question part since it doesn't seem to match up with the material I have been looking at. The other people in class who have taken this test have seen this question and were just as confused so I feel confidant I will see it again on my retake.

    My 100 question test scores on Gibsons site range from 91-97% and I am passing the firewall set up sim that he has as well. So I am thinking the answer is fuggedaboudit and focus in on reading the test question fails to chapters in the book. And hope I get partial credit and a good guess at this new firewall sim.
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    if you had the same FW question i did (i took the test last week) just narrow it down and think about it. a few are pretty simple so get those out of the way first. the rest you just need to think logically about them. i was confused at first because i didn't see the drop down and couldn't find the correct IP addresses. also, i skipped the sims and went back and finished them at the end.
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    My 100 question test scores on Gibsons site range from 91-97%

    That's a whole lot better than what I scored on those practice exams. Honestly, what I recommend in your situation is actually leaving time to double check since you might change your mind on a few answers. That might have made the difference.

    For these exams, knowledge helps but what also helps is being a good test taker

    Oh yeah also pray and use please a lot
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    i averaged about 90% on my practice tests and scored an 805 on the actual test. as long as you weren't scoring 90% based on memorizing the questions you should be good
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    Sorry to hear that man second time will be the charm for sure!
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