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So I've been using Don Poulton's Cert guide, articles from Technet and CBT Nuggets Videos to study for 70-410.
I thought it was enough. Until I activated those Measure Up Practice tests. Boy, I was wrong.

Some powershell cmdlets that I found in the practice tests are not in the Cert Guide nor Technet.
For example, Create a new GPO from a Starter GPO. The Technet article doesn't have the powershell equivalent. Neither does the Cert guide. Yet the Measure up Practice tests ask for the powershell cmdlet on how to do this.
And more...


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    This seems to be a re-occurring theme with Microsoft exams, where books and video training do not cover certain required information. Also the exams in general are poorly worded and by themselves lead to confusion.
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    They got proud of PowerShell well after the R2 revision.
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    I understand, and they should. It seems to do lots of crap, but adjust the proper materials. Bought 2 damn books and they are unable to prepare me for the test
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    One thing I did while studying for the 70-410 was look up the Powershell equivalents of everything that was covered in the GUI. The main cmdlets you'll probably want to be aware of when it comes to Group Policy are the get-gpo, backup-gpo, import-gpo, and get-gporeport. Like you, I also found many of my study materials lacking when it came to covering enough Powershell for the exam. For example, all of my study materials touched on creating Storage Pools and Storage Spaces but the only thing I saw in any of them was that the new-storagepool cmdlet existed. Setup your labs while you're studying and do it in the GUI first and then look up how to do it in Powershell. It takes a LOT of trial and error and sometimes frustration but don't give up. Also, don't be afraid to use the get-help and get-command cmdlets to look up Powershell commands.
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    I think that this may actually be what caused Microsoft to offer this new package of multiple retakes and the practice exam. And honestly, I don't see much value in the practice test if you are allowed to do four retakes included. Sign up for the retakes, take the exam, then you know what is on it (obviously, don't go in there completely unprepared... take it when you think you are ready).
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    I think Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2 by Sybex is what we all need. It includes more powershell cmdlets than any other books i've read.
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    One thing I learned about in 410 is to learn how to accomplish things on the GUI as well as Powershell.
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