Passed CEH 3/25/2016!!!!!!

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I been studying for this exam for about two months. It is a requirement that I have it for my job as a contractor information security analyst for Department of Homeland Security. I am also in the Army Reserves (DoD) which it is a requirement as well.

The material I used to study for this test were Matt Walker's AIO 2nd Edition and the EC-Council official course material. The Army Reserves sent me to a boot camp style course that was about a week long for this exam. In that course, I was provided the official course material with the updated v9 content. My test prep actions included: read Matt Walker's book, read the slides with the updated content and test with Matt Walker AIO test prep. I did a rinse and repeat with that method for about a month after I was done reading the material.

I finish the test in about 1 hr and 40 min. Frankly, I thought the test was pretty easy. I might even say it was easier than the Security+ (401) exam in terms of how the questions were formatted. The question were VERY straight forward. Nothing really vague about the questions. In the Security+ exam everything was situation based which lead to some answers being so closely related that it was challenging choosing the right one. For the most part In this exam it was just straightforward questioning. I finished with a 81%.

I am not going to repeat what has already been said in previous threads about what kind of questions were on the test and what to study for. I am just going to verify what they said to look into before taking the test. Just KNOW what the topics that they state in their threads. For example, one thread said there were IT Governance questions (which is correct). Just know what the different governance standards are (NIST, HIPPA, PCI etc.) and what they relate to.

Good Luck!


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