Passed CASP

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After 3 months of studying at night with little to no sleep I passed. I used both the McMillian and Sybex books read them 3 times each. Took the practice quizzes over and over highlighted and took notes and passed. Good luck to all who take it. Some of the questions like others have said are very tricky but just read the question and look at the answers twice, you'll do great!



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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif How would you compare the Sec+ to CASP+?
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    To be honest I found this certification to be a lot more in-depth. with SEC + you need to know the types of Symmetric keys as an example this one you need to know the differences of the keys and how they work. Just as an example of the level this one operates at. You need to think managerial more than anything thing though. What is the most cost efficient way to take care of an issue. Simply put it best option answer.
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    Congrats! What's next? CISSP?
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    Yes and I start Graduate school this Fall!
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    Congrats! Out of curiosity, how much of the content was covered by things you did in your BS ISS?
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    Some of it was covered in my degree however, the problem is it is spread out over a few years right? So, you are better off with some years experience with a bachelors degree in the related field. In my degree we had over 20 or 30 books we read. The McMillian book covered a good majority that helped me a lot. Its always good to get those degrees to check the box so to speak.
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    Congratulations!!! How were the sims? Did you get the ACL? I am hoping to get a different set the 2nd time around next week.
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    The sims were actually not that bad to be honest. If you have the McMillian book it goes over a lot of things covered in the test. That sim you are talking about, I think you are looking to hard into it.
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    I have the McMillian book and several others. I appreciate the insight.
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    Good luck on your re-test. Let me know how it goes!
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    Congrats! :) I'm also studying for CASP and so far I went through the whole Pearson (McMillan & Abernathy) book once. I was wondering if you can share your opinion on whether this book alone covered everything that you got on your exam. Any advice regarding sims?

    Thanks :)
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    In regards to the sims. Please read the paragraphs thoroughly in the McMillian book. Some of the information in specific sections clearly hint towards some of the sims that can be presented to you on the test. So instead of pretty pictures to guide you, you ahve to read and interpret how to look at a network and its configuration from a logical and physical perspective. Does that make sense man? That book alone?? I would buy the Cybex as well to be honest my friend a little redundant however, there might be more or less material covered in certain section plus your experience helps a great deal.
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    Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sure to look into more materials besides the Pearson book.
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