"Proof certificate is not associated with another cisco partner"

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Just saw a job posting where they wanted proof that your certificate was not associated with another Cisco partner?

Anyone know what that's about?


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    No idea - unless you were a CCIE? I'm a CCIE associated with my company because I get the benefit of it, but that's got nothing to do with my certificate - I earned it, couldn't give a stuff who I'm associated to in reality.
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    Some places ask you to associate your certifications with them, so that they can get partner discounts. I had to do it with one of my previous employers. I don't know all the nuts and bolts of it though (or even if I correctly removed myself from that connection when I left)
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    If i had to guess it would be due to some requirement that partners maintain a certain number of Cisco certified employees and/or they get some sort of discount. However, I haven't been able to confirm that idea by doing some resesrfh online. The way the job posting is phrased it seems like if your certification is associated with one Partner it can't be switched to a different partner.
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    Thats exactly what it is. Dealers/Vendors need techs with current certs to maintain dealership status and every time you move to a new dealer you have to move your credentials as well. Not difficult, but it can get confused sometimes in the process.
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    Yes its definitely for your CCIE, if you're with a partner now make sure you remove yourself before you accept the new job.
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    It is not limited to just a CCIE, but any and all Cisco certifications. Cisco partners are required to have X amount of people with various certifications, ranging from CCNA to CCIE. That's actually why I took both sets of electives on my CCNP:DC, to be qualified to fill all 3 of the datacenter specialization spots (FE1, FE2, ASE), whichever no one else fulfilled. This link explains how to associate yourself with a company (via Partner Self Service portal)

    You can only be associated with a single company at a time. IE, my certifications aren't even associated with my consulting company, but instead are associated with my day job, to help meet partner requirements there. This site goes over the requirements and process for Gold partner status. There are other levels too, but this gives you some idea (12 certified full time employees, 4 CCIEs, etc)

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    I had to do the same with my M$ certifications long time ago.
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