Planning for ITIL PPO exam? Read this for sure ....

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I just passed the ITIL PPO exam yesterday (34/40) 85% ... I thought i should have done bit better if there were better tips on ITIL PPO exams on the internet.

I didn't get much of help from the internet by searching and googling so I thought I will put-up something for the future aspirants ...

Few imp notes :

1. Read Design Coordination very well - even though its not clearly in the PPO syllabus
2. Very imp to know all the Triggers , Input and Outputs and Interfaces of all the processes
3. Know the roles of Process Managers and Process Owners very well ( Roles & Responsibilities )
4. Technology Implementation chapter is very imp (dont worry too much to calculate MTTR etc , just know the meanings)
5. Demand Management is very very imp
6. Capacity Management & Availability Management are critical and why imp?
7. How ISM is interconnected with all other processes? - Very imp
8. Read the little book of AXELOS (on PPO) and the mock exams very well and try to understand the rationals

All the above 8 points are key to pass the PPO exam.


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    Hey Csaha,

    Congrats!! Do you have any study notes for PPO ?? I have enrolled for the same on self learning from but their ebooks are not well explained, its just points noted. It ll be helpful if you can provide any study notes for PPO.
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    I posted my study notes above based on my understanding.
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    thx Casha
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