Planning for ITIL PPO exam? Read this for sure ....

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I just passed the ITIL PPO exam yesterday (34/40) 85% ... I thought i should have done bit better if there were better tips on ITIL PPO exams on the internet.

I didn't get much of help from the internet by searching and googling so I thought I will put-up something for the future aspirants ...

Few imp notes :

1. Read Design Coordination very well - even though its not clearly in the PPO syllabus
2. Very imp to know all the Triggers , Input and Outputs and Interfaces of all the processes
3. Know the roles of Process Managers and Process Owners very well ( Roles & Responsibilities )
4. Technology Implementation chapter is very imp (dont worry too much to calculate MTTR etc , just know the meanings)
5. Demand Management is very very imp
6. Capacity Management & Availability Management are critical and why imp?
7. How ISM is interconnected with all other processes? - Very imp
8. Read the little book of AXELOS (on PPO) and the mock exams very well and try to understand the rationals

All the above 8 points are key to pass the PPO exam.


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