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I am currently studying for my JNCIS-SEC, however the only materials I have are the Fasttrack PDFs. Are these enough?
Right now at work I can have access to 1 SRX210 and going to ask for a second one to test Clustering and IPSec.

Are there anything you guys can suggest? Any online Practice Tests (NOT Braindumps stuff) so I can test my knowledge?



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    Bumping thread. I'm interested too!
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    The FastTrack PDFs do a good job covering all of the topics for the exam. You shouldn't need any additional material for the exam, although one of the best study tools is the Junos Genius app. I cannot stress how great of a study tool it is! The quality of questions in the app is pretty close, in my opinion, to what you will encounter on the exam.

    Hands on practice helps too. The SRX210 you have at work should be enough. I practiced mostly on a SRX210H that we have setup in our NOC and an SRX240H that I have at the house. I didn't lab any clustering. It is great if you do, but it isn't really required. Without breaking NDA, a lot of the clustering is theory. Your milage may vary, but I would say make sure you understand UTM inside and out. I put a few extra day of UTM heavy studying for the exam and I am glad that I did.

    The exam is a more difficult than the JNCIA was by a good margin. I actually think it was a bit more difficult than INCD2 was, but that could just be me. Overall not a terrible exam though! As long as you understand the material in the pdfs you will be good.

    Good luck!
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    greeneon wrote: »
    Bumping thread. I'm interested too!

    I passed JNCIS-SEC 2 weeks back. I used mostly the FastTrack PDFs. Although Juniper has some complicated way of explaining some stuff so you might need to google some topics.

    Luckily we have a JNCIE-SEC in out company so I was able to ask him few things I was stucked with.

    I also had access to few SRX210s and SRX220s so I was able to do some live testing as well.

    I agree with Mooseboost that the exam is more difficult than the JNCIA or JNCIS-ENT for that matter.
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