How to move forward from Helpdesk Jobs

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I am currently working at an IT company where I provide Pre-Sales Tech support to sales team. Which means just doing helpdesks and telling customers which device, optics etc to buy. Event hough I have learned a lot about hardwares, what I want to do is really configure networks.

I have JNCIS-ENT and working on my JNCIS-SEC so just doing helpdesks doesn't feel like the most satisfactory use of my skills. It is nearly only the senior engineers that get to configure networks.

I thought about looking for another job but I like the people that I work with, and from what I see I will start from helpdesks wherever I go anyways.

Do you guys have any suggestions?



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    Apply for something other than a help desk job.
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    You could look to other certs to make yourself more marketable, CISCO certs, other technologies.
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    I would start applying for other positions. If you really want to move past help desk, this is the easiest way to do it unless you company has another opening in a more technical role.

    I know that it is sometimes hard leaving friends and even more so if you don't hate your job. I left my last position not because I was unhappy with everyone, but because there was no opportunity. It was difficult, but I don't regret it.
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    Get a CCNA and apply for CCNA jobs.
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    Sounds like you are starting to get bored (which is a good thing). Taking the CCNA route would be my advice too.

    Network+ > CCENT > CCNA (or something along those lines)

    Possibly getting a job at a NOC might help. You can always ask the Sr. Engineers that you work with as well on what path to take.
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