A+ 220-80x Can I still make it before June 30th

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I'm pursuing the CompTIA A+ certification and I am 3/4 through professor messers videos. I will be using additional resources after.

I learn at a fast or slightly faster than average pace and will commit Atleast 2 hours a day.
Does anyone know if I most likely have enough time before the 220-80x exams are taken out June 30th?


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    The exam is geared toward candidates with experience, how much experience do you already have?

    To get an idea of what you will need to know for your exams, download the objectives and try to explain the bullet points to another person. If you can, you are likely in good shape and will need minimal study. If you cannot, you have just noted the areas of weakness and have time to brush up.

    June is a ways a way, you have time to prepare.
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    Yes, I got mine within a month.
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    Not sure about the objectives part yet but about the only experience I have is building a pc. As well with being familiar (as in how to install them and understanding basic specs) with most components on a pc.
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    techtia wrote: »
    Yes, I got mine within a month.
    Thanks! That made me feel more confident now haha
    What materials did you use and study strategy?
    Also what past experience did you have and how many hours did you commit a week studying?
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    I posted this in many threads and I am just re-pasting my answer.

    My method was to read the Exam Cram 6th Edition by David Prowse (800 Series) and along the way, take notes. It is a big book also and it took me 3-4 weeks to study for this exam. After I read the entire book, I would just do practice questions from the CD included in his book, CompTIA sample questions, examcompass.com and crucialexams.com. I would also look over my notes, written notes and ones that I typed. I didn't count hours but maybe 3-5 hours a day.

    Then for the things that need visuals, I would refer to Professor Messer but I used his videos last so I couldn't finish them all, though they were great they were a little long for me. If you have IT experience, I don't think this exam will be too tough, just gotta get yourself mentally ready for the wealth of information, that's all. I had zero experience in IT, all the experience I had was from playing and using the computer.

    Be sure to also search this forum for threads with "Passed" or "I passed" because those people will sometimes provide helpful hints, everyone will give you slightly different tips but there will be reoccurring answers and those answers will provide you with the popular resources.

    You can search on the second page, I created a thread after I passed the exam with detailed information.

    Only thing I paid for is the Exam Cram book (CD was included) which was about 20-30 dollars, everything else was free resources.
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