New Generation of Microsoft Certification

No more further MCSE MCSA MCP courses for further client or server products. MS are revamping their certification structure. Current certification held now will still be valid though future products will have a new generation of certifications. Namely the MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect) a hard core cert for IT Experts with minimun 10 years experience in the IT industry and 3 years as a practising architect, candidates must pass a review infront of a board of previously certified architects. So the MCSE will no longer be the high end Cert and will end at the Server 2003 path. The study never ends.


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    The Microsoft Certified Architect Program identifies top industry experts in IT architecture. These prestigious professionals have a minimum of 10 years of advanced IT industry experience, have three or more years of experience as a practicing architect, possess strong technical and managerial skills,

    Hrm, while that will distinguish the top 5%, what about the rest of us that design and support smaller networks, but aren't supporting a 10000 user base with multiple sites, domains, and OS?

    Somehow the .net 2.0 hardly seems fitting.....
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    While I should, I haven't done the proper research on the new generation of Microsoft certifications. I will try to post something more meaningful later on, but:
    Hrm, while that will distinguish the top 5%, what about the rest of us that design and support smaller networks, but aren't supporting a 10000 user base with multiple sites, domains, and OS?
    I assume there will be MCITP and MCTS certs for messaging, security, clients, server/networking, etc. I base this assumption on:
    Microsoft wrote:
    MCSE, MCSA, or MCDST? You do not need to do anything at this point. When Microsoft releases the next version of the Microsoft Windows client and server products, the new credentials will follow the new structure with a Technology and Professional series. MCSEs, MCSAs, and MCDSTs will be offered an upgrade path to the new credentials.
    There's little point in offering an MCDST an upgrade path to SQL, BizTalk, .NET. developing/database administration.

    Let's hope this brings an end to the explosion of braindump sites and **** sheet companies we've had over the past 5 or so years.
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    did anyone notice this:
    Q.Will the new certifications expire?
    A. The Technology Series certifications will expire soon after mainstream support for the version of the product ends. The Professional Series certifications will require recertification every three years from the date of issue. Get more information about the Microsoft Product Support lifecycle.

    it seems like Microsoft is finally doing something to preserve the value of the certification.
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    I had not noticed that... interesting...
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    So when do these new Architecture of certs start? If we are currently pursing an MCSE when should we start looking at the new way Microsoft is thinking and change?
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    It is getting to the point that nearly all tests have less of a value than the past. I thought inflation only occurred financially. It seems that certs are also suffering from a different type of inflation. Pay more, Study more, get less. A+ and Network+ seem almost invaluable. Cheaters are going to ruin the business before I even start. I am labeled a hood rat, although this may just be a streotype. I kinda cheated in the past, like in middle school. For once, I see the direct consequences of cheating.
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    tony0101 wrote:
    A+ and Network+ seem almost invaluable.

    you mean unvaluable?
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