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Hey there TE,

I may very well be one of the biggest lurkers on this forum, but I have come here tonight humbly seeking advice and expertise. I started my journey at WGU last year and this forum has been a major resource throughout my degree. I am now on the final stretch of my degree plan as I just have a couple more classes left, and I have already started my technical writing/capstone project.

I currently work in healthcare, and have been there for several years. So, going back to WGU for a technical degree was a personal decision and I knew that I would be faced with a career transition in my late twenties. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far, I have learned so very much and I'm very eager to apply all of this knowledge to the field. So of course I have been actively been applying to internships over the past few months, to no avail.

Recently however I received some feedback for the first time. First was for an interesting opportunity for a government internship (4 months), which I believe would give me a chance to obtain a secret security clearance. I say this because the job description says that it requires it, but I have yet to inquire about it, so I cant say definitively. But it is definitely one of the selling points for me, as I will be graduating WGU with a BSIT-Sec and I have found myself to mostly be interested in network security thus far.

Now, I work for a major healthcare organization. For the most part, I love it. With that being said, I have put in over 150 applications within this organization trying to transfer into the IT department. Entry level positions and internships. Last week I finally heard back from a recruiter. I have been contacted by my organizations recruiters twice in the past, and both have ended up with job offers at the end of the day. The recruiters there seem to be pretty good, in the sense that they will keep putting you out there for interviews until you land something.

So now I am faced with a little bit of a dilemma. It's one of those stressful times where you have too many options. I hope this doesn't seem like a crude/lame thread to those who are struggling to find work, I definitely understand how hard it is out there.

Anyways, my issue is that the government position is out of state, 4 months long, and I'd likely have to drop to on-call position or quit my current job (which has pretty decent pay and extremely good benefits). I was selected for the government position after an interview and they are going to be looking towards me in the next few days to move forward with the process. I suppose I can string them along a little longer. The other option is to be patient and possibly land an internship within an organization that has a lot of stability for my future, as I already work there, have tenure and excellent benefits. However, with this option there is no guarantees. I did a screening interview with this recruiter and it is likely that it will lead to interviews in the near future, but nothing is guaranteed.

I am torn between immediately seizing the government internship, as I currently have ZERO IT experience and it would make all the difference in my resume, as far as professional work experience goes at least. I also have the possibility of obtaining my secret security clearance, although, as I said I will have to double check on that. OR Staying at my current organization, being a little more patient, and rolling the dice on an internship within.

I have always seen this community to be so friendly, welcoming, insightful, and straight forward. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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