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Hi All,

Just wanting to confirm which book you recommend for this exam? I've seen many posts going for Odom:


But also have seen the following book:

CCNA Routing and Switching Study guide: by Todd Lammle

CCNA Routing and Switching Deluxe Study Guide: Exams 100-101, 200-101, and 200-120 1, Todd Lammle, William Tedder, eBook - Amazon.com

Is there anyone that has read both and would recommend a particular book from the above or another that can be obtained digitally?

Is there any other content you would recommend? I have full access to the following:

CBT Nuggets
Layer 3 Switch
Transcender Practice exam
Self Test Practice Exam

I was also going to look at the Boson Practice exam to get another exam to test with, as I have been passing the two practice tests i've listed but haven't done so well in the exam twice - so am after fixing up the areas I am weak in and wanting to come at it from different areas (also bringing a book into the works).

I read a sample from Todd Lammle's book and it appears to be fun and good to read (not boring like most are) - looking forward to hear your views and pointers.

If you have any other recommendations I would be happy to hear them - just feel like I need a more in-depth view of what this exam covers.

Also looked into: https://www.udemy.com/ccna-on-demand-video-boot-camp/

Thank you in advanced!

P.S. - Requesting this information as it is all scattered now as the other information for the CCENT/CCNA exams was prior to these new releases and new books/practice exams/material is always on its way out.


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    As far as the books go, I own both. I really only used (so far) Todd's book for learning subnetting. I mean I have read most of his chapters but I think I got more from the cisco press book. CBT is good to go through (imo) prior to grinding out the books. For me I was able to grasp concepts and stay motivated in the chapters after going through the CBT course. I think this happens because you have heard about the ideology and the concepts in the videos, now you can dive into the details.

    I found when I first stared on CCNA objectives many (years ago) I started reading the books and I was quickly overwhelmed. I quit on it for 5 years until I discovered CBT nuggets and I gave it another shot. It helped me take on the books and feel comfortable about the concepts. This intern, allowed me to really enjoy the material and really get it!

    So what I'm using:
    CBT nuggets - for the warm fuzzy's (and the practice test)
    CCNA study guide Lammle - for his subnetting
    Cisco Press Odem - Cover to cover reading and main study platform
    Live lab (x2 switches (1 router which I don't use) and lots of GNS3)
    GNS3 vault for some labs
    Udemy Bryant (just got this for offline content in the car, will see how it goes)

    With the tools above I was able to pass the ICND1 with an 855.
    Good luck I hope this helps!
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    I gave 200-120.

    My resources are:
    1. Todd Lammle
    2. Chris Bryant's--> To me he is the best
    3. Bosons exam
    4. CIsco Documentation--> Great resource
    5. Some online tests and Techexams.net --> We learn without knowing, going through many threads
    6. Packet Tracer--> Lot of labbing (I used to practice as I read the book which will make you understand better)

    All the best..!
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    Perfect thank you so much.

    Will look into the Cisco Press Book.

    Will let you know how I get on!
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    Thank you Nans and well done.

    Will see how I go, will give the Boson exam a go.
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