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Just barely passed the Security+ exam. Very satisfying!

Test was tough due to lengthy questions and scenarios, simulations were quite easy.
I think leaving time to double check either helped or lowered my score, could have gone either way.

For the exam, memorization doesn't help a whole lot, you truly have to understand material. I believed the test was adaptive but questions kept getting more difficult and they didn't even ask all the objectives. I recommend any book for this exam as long as the author explains materials and connects concepts well.

Good to have this finished.

Study Materials
- Security+: SY0-401 Study Guide by Darril Gibson
- Practice exams in the DG book
- Crucialexams and Examcompass
- David Prowse YouTube videos
- CompTIA Sample Questions

I try to spend as little as possible, only paid for the book, everything else is free.


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    Congratulations on the pass! Great job with just 4 weeks study. Any tips without breaking NDA?
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    Even if I wanted to share, I honestly cannot remember the questions, they were long and situational. Felt some questions could have multiple answers. Read the question carefully, one word can change the whole question. Always leave time to double check, it helps to see questions twice.

    Simulations weren't too bad actually, I am used to the format. For my particular simulations, memorization helped here. Two were full simulations which were longer while other two were short and sweet. All were some form of drag and drop.

    Again, read to comprehend. The month time frame was appropriate because if I went more, would have been boring. It was peak time for me, if that makes sense.
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    I have a certification in MS Server 2008, also Network+ and Linux. So a lot of the above stuff is already familiar to me. I'm not a big fan of tests so I guess I get pretty anxious coming up to them.

    I will most certainly be taking on board your advice though, I appreciate taking the time out to reply to me.
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    Congrats on your pass
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    awesome. i agree. memorization isn't worth much on this test. you do need to understand it. the other *+ tests i took you could memorize alot of stuff and do ok.
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    Congratulations bro, keep up the good work, whats your next cert going to be?
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    Thinking maybe CCENT but all this cert studying is quite exhausting, feels like I'm back in school.
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    Congradulations Techtia...
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    Thank you guys
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