Commands to memorize for 200-120?

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I'm taking the 200-120 next month. I've seen several posts that mention "better know your commands" and "make sure you have the commands memorized".. Well which commands are these exactly? The show commands?

Would a resource like this be helpful, or is there more or less I should be memorizing?****-sheet-part-1/

Or this, which is MUCH less to memorize:

Top Cisco CCNA Commands


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    You should be familiar with all the "Show" commands on a small note for quick troubleshooting. You can use "?" anyway so try to know the subject and where they usually operate (user exec, Priv exec, global config, and the specific ones). To me as soon as I start to configure something the commands flow (never memorized, but practiced a helpsicon_thumright.gif), I always use ''?'' a lot too.

    My suggestion would be to practice which will make your brain to remember rather than memorizing..
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    Ok that makes sense, thank you. I think I'll be good to go in that regard. I work on Cisco equipment on a daily basis. I just have to make sure I remember to type out the whole command instead of "sh" etc.. lol. And that's good to know you can use the "?" if necessary.

    Thanks again.
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