Net+ or MCSA ?

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some of the net+ topics are included in the first course of mcsa.
so should i start directly with mcsa without taking net+ ?
i have basic knowledge of networking and i'm a 2 years experienced in technical support engineer.


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    Read a Net+ book or do some Net+ tests to get an idea where your knowledge is at. If your at 80 or maybe 90%+, then you can skip the exam and go to MCSA to save some money. If you are at 60% or lower, you really need to do some serious study for Net+, in between and you can probably focus just on the areas of weakness.

    If you go down the MCSA route to become a System Admin or Engineer, then you will need the Net+ knowledge anyway. Depending on the organisation you work for, even a CCENT or CCNA might be a good idea. I've worked for many smaller companies where the role was Networking and Systems. But then smaller organisations also tend to be less complex, so you don't need the same depth, just more breadth. But even in larger organisations where you might be siloed, it helps to be able to say something to the network guys more than "I think there's a problem with the blue cable."

    Net+ with MCSA probably only adds a little value, but they generally expect that level of knowledge whether you have the paper or not.
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