CCNA Interview questions - how to answer this?

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I did interview with Cisco for internship. I got asked the following questions. I was wondering if you guys can able to help me how to answer this questions.

1) You have this topology.You have PC 10 which you are patching to switch. However when you connect Ethernet cable, PC10 doesn't connect to switch (ping doesnt work bothside). How do you troubleshoot this? (ALL IP ARE STATICALLY ASSIGNED)

Answer: This is what I do firs, Check cable between PC 10 and switch, Check port on Switch, Check you assign IP to PC 10 properly, Last thing I do is check NIC on pc.

2) You have this topology. In this scenario, Router can talk to switch but Switch cannot talk to Router. How do you troubleshoot it?

Answer: Firewall Treat Router as outside and switch as Inside. So Switch cannot see router but router can see switch

3)You have networking device. It has 9 cards/modulus. All of them are identical however card no1, and no2 is not working where as others are working fine. How do you troubleshoot this problem?

Answer: First I will take out the cards which are faulty and test to see if it works individually,if not I will pass on info to electrical engineer to see if there is hardware fault.

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